JUNE: Garnet Appreciation Day

The 3rd Saturday of the month in June is always reserved for "Garnet Day"

Each year in June there is an event called "Garnet Day" which is always held the third Saturday of the month of June.

Be our guest and enjoy your day with us, as we celebrate “Garnet Interpretive Day”, a tribute to all those people who lived, worked, and panned for gold up here in the Garnet Mountains. A rich history filled with families, carving out a life far from civilization, for all of them.

Today, we ride up in vehicles to visit here, where 100 years ago they used buggies and wagons to limb these mountains.

These mountains hold many stories of adventure, hard work, young people, new marriages, gold fever and we share it all with you.

Tour the buldings, listen to the music, try gold panning, sample freshly made Ice Cream, eat lunch, hamburgers and hot dogs are available to purchase, participate in kids game, hats and shirts for sale, and much, much more. A fun day for all ages!